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These carvings reflect the artisans' use of gorilla motifs, including the silverback and his family, on bowls, candlesticks, ornaments and more. Each artist displays an individual interpretation of these remarkable creatures living in the forests nearby. All items are hand carved from sustainably harvested wood, so design and size will vary.

* Products currently not available for purchase online *

Twin gorilla nut dish   Twin gorilla nut dish
In honor of the only surviving twins, born to the Souza group, this useful square dish is approximately 4" x 6"



  Gorilla Family Ornaments
Silverback, mother & baby, mother & child, juvenile all hand carved from sustainably harvested wood.


Set of Four$27.00

Gorilla Family Carvings   Gorilla Family Carvings
Contemporary interpretation of gorilla family by the Kinigi Carvers.


Set of Four$32.00

Salad Servers   Salad Servers
14" set with baby gorillas perched at the ends, sealed with natural oils



Lidded tea box   Lidded tea box
Elijah has perfectly captured the essence of these magnificent creatures in an exquisitely carved lidded cannister, approximatley 4" wide x 7" high



Small bowl   Small bowl
This rustic gorilla motif bowl is ideal for serving snacks. Diameter 4-5"



Candlestick   Candlestick
A baby gorilla adorns this 8" candlestick, just as you might see him in the forest.



Sabinyo box   Sabinyo box
Intricately carved gorillas atop the Sabinyo Volcano. A great gift for a gorilla enthusiast.



  Blackback Gorilla Key Ring
This hand carved young male gorilla is approximately 3” tall and makes it easy to spot your keys.


$6.00 each