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Woven by the women of Nkuringo, all these Ugandan Baskets are of traditional design. Each artisan has developed her own style and personally tags and signs her work. Each basket takes between 20-30 hours to weave. Most of the women have to walk several hours to a well for fresh water each day and there is no electricity to work in the evening, so each basket can often take weeks to complete. There will always be variation in size, shape and color as each artist has her own style and the color of the grasses vary as the seasons change.

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  Nasitazia's basket
This is the classic design for the small village of Nkuringo, hand woven in soft earth tones, approximately 4"x4"



  Aneti's basket
Lovely green and gray spiral basket with overlay contrasting colors. Approximately 4"wide and 6" high and used to store herbs.



  Kimbebase's basket
Double diamond tub basket, beige and brown approximately 4"x4"



  Jowa's basket



  Rehema's basket
Rich bronze and black spiral woven lidded spice basket is approximately 4" wide x 6" tall



large product photo   Yumith's basket
This lavender geometric design basket is the perfect spot for a plant, approximately 5" wide and 4" high.



  Tumusime's basket
Hand woven sisal cylinder basket, with a step pattern, is approximately 5" in diameter.



  Mushabe's basket
Grey and beige striped grass basket, tightly woven it is approximately 5"x5"



  Joviah's basket
Bronze beige grey lidded pot used for storing tea is approximately 4" wide and 6" tall.



  Nkurikeye's basket
This petite, tightly woven, lidded basket is the perfect place for jewelry 3" wide, 4" tall



  Arinetwe's basket
Multi striped tapered basket is traditional yet contemporary, approximately 4"x4"



  Florence's basket
Tapered basket using traditional animal motif, approximately 4"x4"



  Chance's basket
Tribal knot lidded basket, perfect for potpouri, is approximately 3" wide x 5" high



  Constance's basket
Grey striped lidded cylinder basket, approximately 3" wide x 5" tall



  Sara's basket
Bronze diamond motif lidded basket for storing small keepsakes is approximately 3"x 5"



  Nkuringo Wishing Basket

Made by the only master weaver in the region, Vanice Tindiwengye, legend has it that if you put a token of your wish in this basket, it will come true…perhaps a pebble from in front of your sweetheart’s hut or an herb from the traditional healer to cure an illness.  Made from local grasses naturally dyed with mushrooms and herbs, approximately 6”x5”.